Oct 2, 2013


This month has been a very hectic month - the third term of school ended which was quite stressful because of all the assignments and tests but also, during September, this blog was created!

So this is Lisa's favourites for the month of September.

  • Essence Stay Natural Concealer
I featured this product in my Essence Haul and Review and now it's in my favourites, this is how much I love it! It's so easy to use - blendable, not thick (or too thin), great coverage, good colour match... And it also doesn't crease!
  • Essence Quattro Eyeshadow - 05 To Die For
Like I mentioned in my review, I initially didn't like this product but it's really grown on me and I think it has the perfect shades for a day look (and even a transition into night). And bonus, it's small and great to throw in a hand bag.
  • Nivea Pure & Natural - Milk and Honey
My lips have been so dry this month (I think I had a reaction to this lipliner I used but I won't name it just in case that wasn't the product), they were so chapped and some days they would itch so bad. This lip balm has been a life saver!
  • Boyfriend Jeans
I don't know a day that I went out and didn't wear these jeans. I find them so comfortable and they would be quite flattering on almost all body types. Plus, the weather has been warming up a little so wearing skinny's would definitely be too hot.
  • Lipton Black Tea
I've never really been a tea person but a few weeks ago, Sharnelle introduced me to black tea and I haven't stopped drinking it since. I mean, it's nothing special - tea, hot water, sugar, milk... yet I have a cup (or two) everyday.
  • Silver Linings Playbook
I saw this movie the weekend it came out, primarily because of my love for Jennifer Lawrence. When it was released on DVD, I didn't immediately buy it and I don't know why. But I brought it a few days ago and I've seen it probably 3 times. I liked it when I saw it in the cinemas but I love it even more now. Guess what I'm going to do after writing this post?
To read more, click here.
  • Lorde - Pure Heroine
Even though I purchased this album very recently, it's still going to have a special place in my faves. I absolutely adored Royals and Tennis Court when they were released as singles so naturally, I had to get this album. It's still repeat, Lorde is amazing.
Check it out here.

That's my first ever list of monthly favourites, hope October's a good one!
What are your September faves?


  1. I really liked Silver Linings Playbook - Jennifer Lawrence had some amazing scenes in it. I've heard positive things about the Essence concealer - I think I might give it a go next time I'm on the lookout for one given how affordable it is!

  2. I love that movie! Lipton tea <3
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