Feb 13, 2014

BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic Palette | Swatches & Review

HELLO! Long time no blog! We're back and we've got quite a few reviews and swatches coming up since we've done nothing but empty pockets all holiday season. I (Lisa), have also started up a YouTube channel, which you can find here or in the navigation, please check it out!

To kick start our revamped blog, I've got a review post of the BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic Palette. 

Oct 24, 2013


First of all, I'm not a makeup artist and I had no idea what I was doing. I was playing around with some products and I came up with this "ice queen" inspired look. I wanted to share what I 'd done and see where that takes me. I don't usually show people this kind of stuff I do but I was quite proud of this.
The lighting isn't good in the photos and I'm not very... let's say, the modelling type so I guess this is the best I could do.

NOTE: I photoshopped my eyes because I didn't have contact lenses. (The rest of the photos will have my natural eye colour).

Oct 10, 2013


Recently my friend and I signed up for a gym membership to get fit for summer. That means, of course, going shopping for some gym clothing since we didn't have any. Here are the items I brought: