Oct 10, 2013


Recently my friend and I signed up for a gym membership to get fit for summer. That means, of course, going shopping for some gym clothing since we didn't have any. Here are the items I brought:

Allsort Sport Crop: Big W - $9.95

I don't have a close up of the sports bra because it looked a little strange...

Bonds Active Shorts: Brands United - $12 

Active "Attack Tank": Cotton On Body - $5

Piped Woven Shorts: Puma Outlet - $21

Active Bra Tank: Bonds - $20.95

Crop Legging: Kmart - $10

Nike Dual Fusion Run 2: Rebel Sport - $130

Originally, I wanted some Nike Free Runs because it seemed like 'the thing' right now. But after trying them on, I realised that they looked ridiculous on because my feet were so wide. I ended up buying these ones instead, even though I wanted to cry at the 12 hours of work that went into these babies.
The reason I purchased everything else was because I just needed a few basics to start off with gym-ing. Nothing too excessive or too expensive because honestly, I'm not sure how long I can stick to this routine. 

I hope this haul was a little interesting, maybe for fitness beginners like myself. If anyone wants to see some fitness or motivation or fitness update posts, let me know!



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    1. Aw thank you!! Followed you on bloglovin', your blog is gorgeous! x

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