Feb 13, 2014

BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic Palette | Swatches & Review

HELLO! Long time no blog! We're back and we've got quite a few reviews and swatches coming up since we've done nothing but empty pockets all holiday season. I (Lisa), have also started up a YouTube channel, which you can find here or in the navigation, please check it out!

To kick start our revamped blog, I've got a review post of the BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic Palette. 

So above are the colours up close. This palette is a baked eyeshadow palette containing 12 eyeshadows, all with names relating to astronomy or the universe, whatever you'd like to call it.
 These colours are best viewed when they've been swirled around and swatched. Since they're a pattern of different shades it can be hard to tell in the pan and sometimes they turn out quite differently on the skin. All these colours are shimmers.
Let's get into some swatches.

Here's Sun, Jupiter and Prometheus, the first 3 colours in the top row. Sun is a light, warm gold, Jupiter is a bright pink and Prometheus is a light berry purple.

Next are Aphrodite, Milky Way and Cosmic. Aphrodite is a dark berry pink almost red and is exactly as you see in the pan. Milky Way is a light lavender purple with a silver sheen and Cosmic is lighter than Milky Way with more shimmer.

On the next row we have Saturn, Venus and Meteor. I expected Saturn to be a yellow but its more a champagne-y pink with slight golds. Venus is orange with gold flecks and Meteor is a light blue silver.

Comet, Earth, Neptune are next, all blue colours. Comet is a light aqua blue green shade, Earth is a medium blue with silver and Neptune is a deeper, purple blue.

Onto the final row we've got some browny shades, Mercury, Mars and Asteroid. Mercury is a light copper with a purple sheen. Mars is a bronze with red undertones and Asteroid is similar to Mars but with more purple glitters.

The last three colours are Uranus, Moon and Eclipse. Uranus is a light blue silver, not what it looks like in the pan. Moon is a slightly grey blue-purple and finally, Eclipse is a deep purple with lighter shimmers.

Here are all the colours swatched in a row so you can compare them all.
Now for the final verdict:
I think this is an absolutely awesome palette for anyone who is more out there with their makeup. Not saying that you can't own this just for special events. The colours are very unique and pretty, not to mention highly pigmented. Although there are a few cons, this is definitely a recommend-worthy product.
  • Ridiculously cheap price for the quality you get - only $15 off BHCosmetics.com
  • Great quality shadows
  • Wide variety of colours
  • Slim, convenient packaging (although my magnets don't work anymore, I'm not sure if it will happen to others.)
  • All shimmers, may be difficult to create a full look
  • Some colours can fade away on the lids and not appear as pigmented as when they began.
If you would like to see a tutorial using some colours in this palette for a full eye look, click here!
So there we have it! 
I hope you enjoyed this post, and stay tuned for more!!


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