Sep 13, 2013


Hello and welcome to another awkward and cheesy introduction post. I hope you like cheese because you're about to get quite a lot ... in small doses.

My name is Lisa (Lis is not fine). I was born on the 6th of October in Australia (the land of kangaroos, sharks and big red rocks). I'm in sophomore year at high school, well, actually, we call it year 10 but sophomore just sounded so much better.

Growing up, I've wanted to do so many things - write a novel, compete in the Olympics, become a pharmacist and create a super drug, research the stars, appear in a movie... Right now I dream of just being a good person who lives life by pushing the boundaries. I still do want to do some of the things that I fantasised about in my childhood. I still want to write an award winning book and I would love to produce or direct a movie someday. But now, I know I also want to become a make up artist, go on a road trip, live in a city that never sleeps, the list goes on.

I wouldn't really know how to describe myself. I took a test to see which of the 4 Temperaments I am and apparently I'm choleric. This means I have the qualities of a leader and I'm quite ambitious, passionate and energetic. Cholerics are good being in charge and planning and they can easily identify solutions to problems. I guess I do agree with these things.

On another note:
  • My favourite book is the Fault in Our Stars.
  • I'm not a fan of comedy movies, I prefer cheesy, superhero or tragedy.
  • I am terrified of the dark.
  • Apparently I prefer men with strong features, brown hair and squared jaws (according to Sharnelle.)

So, that is basically my introduction. I would like to leave you with 2 lines from one of my favourite poems because I feel as though they're quite empowering.

with one hand you can conquer // and with the other you can rule

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